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What makes us Unique?

We are the only O2C/Credit organization constantly cooperating with and focusing on SSC, GBS and BPO sector. We know your struggles and challenges and how to overcome them. Lower DSO, Lower Attrition and Higher Efficiency is what you need and we will help you with that greatly reducing your worries or any working capital issues.

The Credit / O2C department is the guardian of every company’s most important and complex Asset – Trade Receivables. It is, therefore, essential at all times for every company to have a highly skilled Credit / O2C team supported by long term planning and investment not subject to the restrictive, counter intuitive practices enforced by overzealous adherence to EBITDA.

Whilst in recent years business has enjoyed a relatively calm period with low interest rates, history shows that turbulence is never far away. This is why Callisto Grand advise that every company should be aiming to achieve Excellence in the form of 2,5% in 4 key areas:

Callisto Grand’s Blueprint for Achieving 2.5% Mastery in 3 Vital Sectors, Embracing Our Legacy of Resilience

When these targets are adopted, they form the indisputable core of company culture and automatically drive out poor practices, processes and procedures. The Callisto Grand Credit/Order-to-Cash (O2C) Academy offers a range of invaluable benefits taking your teams to these very highest levels. The nucleus of our philosophy is that everyone should think of themselves as a leader irrespective of their role, responsibilities, job title or length of service.

Our clients train their teams in systems and processes and we add the leadership qualities (EQ) by sharing the Why, What, How, Where and When. Our Academy draws on decades of real time operational experience and enhances professionals’ expertise by providing comprehensive training on risk assessment, collections strategies, and efficient order-to-cash workflows. The Academy equips participants with advanced tools, such as data analytics and automation techniques, enabling smarter decision-making and streamlined operations throughout the business, end to end.

Furthermore, networking opportunities with industry experts and peers foster knowledge exchange and best practice sharing.

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At Callisto Grand, we are committed to supporting diverse organizations that represent crucial aspects of our world. The 3 causes we advocate hold immense significance, highlighting the importance of remembrance, tolerance, sustainability, and health. We donate €5 to each charity.

Together, we will shape a future where Credit/O2C stands as a beacon of excellence in the business world.

Schindler’s Ark Project: Preserving History, Fostering Tolerance

The Schindler’s Ark project serves as a poignant reminder of our past and the imperative need for tolerance and respect. We strongly believe in remembering the dark days of history to promote empathy and understanding among all individuals. It is essential to acknowledge that everyone deserves the freedom to live their lives authentically and harmoniously.

Regen Innovation: As climate change continues to challenge agriculture, food insecurity threatens every part of the planet.

The Regen mission is to enable smallholder farmers to adapt to and overcome the consequences of climate change by bringing together various international organizations who are working independently on this issue.
Listening to and understanding local communities is one of the key principles. The local knowledge that a community holds is invaluable and combined with the outside scientific expertise that your donations will provide, they’ve found sustainable farming solutions that are not only within reach but can be designed, implemented and tracked.

The MS Society: Empowering Lives, Advancing Research for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurological condition that disrupts the proper functioning of the nerves. In MS, the immune system mistakenly attacks the nerves, leading to diverse and unique symptoms in each individual affected. Although MS is a lifelong condition, proper management, treatments, and the support of specialists can significantly improve quality of life. The MS Society is dedicated to helping people live well with MS and funding research to find a cure. With an estimated 2.8 million individuals living with MS worldwide, the prevalence of this condition has been increasing globally since 2013

The Right Choice

Incorporating these reasons into your decision to join a Global Credit Community can contribute to your professional growth, expand your knowledge base, and elevate your credit management expertise on a global scale. Whether it's on a GBS or a personal level.


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