The Callisto Grand
Diploma in Credit Management Leadership

Take your Skills and Career to the Next Level!

The key to genuine Leadership is Emotional Intelligence (EI) or Emotional Quotient (EQ). All essential competencies for Leadership stem from a deeper understanding of end-to-end business strategy in addition to technical skills and soft skills. As the businesses are formed by people who you either lead or cooperate with, working on your EI will bring huge benefits.

The Callisto Grand Diploma in Credit Management Leadership guides future leaders through critical aspects of business not normally be explored within their roles and from a Credit/ O2C perspective.

Participants are to complete the Callisto Grand Certificate in Operational Credit as a prerequisite to admission to the Diploma.

Diploma Benefits for Companies

The Callisto Grand Certificate empowers individuals and organizations with the skills and insights to optimize their Credit and O2C leadership, resulting in:

Improved O2C/Credit KPIs and results

Forming a true GBS with no silos

Leaders capable of digitization and ERP projects

Lower attrition, Talent pipeline

Regular updates and new features

Budget friendly long term strategic partnership

Professional qualification

CPD accreditation (Continuous Professional Development)

Flexible learning

Multi-media learning experience

Interactive mentoring sessions

Ongoing support

Free Credit Matters tickets for bigger purchases

Possibility for individual keadership coaching

Suitable for any role within O2C, Credit and SCM

Diploma participants are to complete a series of questions  in  the 6 Assignments described below:

Diploma Benefits for Students

The students benefit as much as  the companies. The list of the advantages for the O2C, Credit and AR team members includes:

Become a leader respected by direct reports, peers and c-suite

Learning leadership without daily mistakes

Ability to perform better and reach KPIs

Vastly improved understanding of the company

Increased chances for promotions or new roles

Job satisfaction

Developing skills useful for O2C and Credit but outside of O2C and Credit

Building confidence

Learning business and efficiency thinking

Becoming data-savvy

Effective time management

Understanding the importance of all roles

Possibility for individual coaching

Opportunity to do something different than writing e-mails, replying on Teams and attendind Zoom calls 🙂

Successful Diploma gradue will be equipped with the confidence and knowledge to take on Manager, Director and GPO roles.

They will master Best Practice Excellence in the form of 2,5% in 3 key areas:

The Right Choice

Incorporating these reasons into your decision to join a Global Credit Community can contribute to your professional growth, expand your knowledge base, and elevate your credit management expertise on a global scale. Whether it's on a GBS or a personal level.


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