Mark Harrison:
Inspirational speaker, Thought leader and Influencer

Mark Harrison:
Igniting Inspiration, Leading Thoughts, Empowering Change

Welcome to the world of Mark Harrison – a beacon of inspiration for thought leadership and transformative change. With an unwavering commitment to empowering individuals and organizations, Mark Harrison’s profound insights and impactful messages resonate across industries, igniting a fire of positive transformation. Mark has worked in Credit / O2C since November 3, 1979 as he will tell you himself and embarked on a voyage of discovery, learning his craft ever since.

About Mark Harrison:

Mark is not just a speaker; he really cares and combines his vast experiences with humour and empathy – he has walked your walk, Mark’s has a rare ability to captivate audiences, sparking new perspectives and prompting meaningful action. His warm and welcoming presence on stage, on line or in the classroom is matched only by the depth of his wisdom and passion for encouraging the audience to drive change.

Inspirational Speaker:

Mark’s words have the power to touch hearts, invigorate minds, and stir souls. Through his captivating storytelling and relatable anecdotes, he imparts invaluable life lessons that transcend boundaries. Attendees leave his talks rejuvenated, armed with fresh insights, and ready to conquer challenges.

Thought Leader:

Mark’s forward-thinking ideas have earned him a reputation as a thought leader in his field. He doesn’t just follow trends – he sets them. His unique perspectives challenge conventional wisdom, pushing boundaries and prompting innovation. Mark equips individuals and organizations with the tools they need to transform intention into impactful results.

Engage with Mark:

If you are looking for a speaker with the rare talent to make Credit / O2C fun and engaging then invite Mark to your next event. Witness firsthand how his unique presence can inspire , drive change, make the complex simple , bust a few myths, maybe ask a few awkward questions and guarantee laughs.

Connect with Mark Harrison:

Elevate your event, empower your team, and embark on a new future with Mark Harrison. Reach out today to explore how his thought-provoking talks can ignite the flames of innovation and leadership within your organization.
Experience the power of Mark’s words. Contact us now to book an unforgettable engagement that will leave a lasting impact.

Watch Mark present the Callisto Grand philosophy

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