The Credit & Collections Coffee Club

Introducing the Callisto Grand Credit & Collections Coffee Club: Your Exclusive Forum for Credit Professionals.
Join the Callisto Grand Credit & Collections Coffee Club, where dedicated professionals gather to revolutionize global Credit/O2C practices.

Unlike typical webinars, this unique platform fosters collaboration among experts, empowering impactful business transformations.

What We Offer:

  • Free of charge informal breakfast sessions to discuss current industry landscapes and future prospects.
  • Engage with fellow credit professionals, sharing practical knowledge, real-life examples, and overcoming challenges.
  • A supportive community where success stories, challenges, and valuable lessons are exchanged.
  • Earn 1 hour CPD for every session you attend.

Why Join Us:

1. Unparalleled Networking:
Connect with like-minded professionals, exchanging best practices and ideas.
2. Insightful Discussions:
Explore diverse topics such as cybersecurity, dispute management, and the impact of e-commerce on O2C.
3. Expert Guidance:
Learn from experienced professionals who have successfully navigated previous recessions.
4. Focused Learning:
Monthly discussions spotlight topics identified by members, addressing today’s challenges head-on.
5. Career Growth:
Transform challenges into opportunities, becoming a catalyst for change in your department and advancing your career.

Past & Future Discussion Topics:

• Cybersecurity & Data Protection
• EQ’s Role in High-Performing Teams
• Impact of Political Turbulences on Working Capital
• Rise of E-commerce and O2C
• Cryptocurrencies’ Impact on O2C
• Credit’s Role in Climate Change
• Diversity Perspectives in Credit
• Talent, Technology, and Innovation
• Incoterms
• Payment Portals
• Invoice Dispute Management Strategies
• Democratization of Credit
• 5 Steps to Navigate the Great Resignation

Embrace this opportunity to shape the future of credit management with industry experts. Together, we drive change, inspire innovation, and achieve unparalleled success in the evolving landscape of Credit/O2C practices.

Join us in the conversation. Your expertise matters.

How to join?

All of our Coffee Clubs and other online events are announced and published on our Linkedin.

Give it a try!

Watch a recording of one our past sessions on Supply Chain and Logistics. You can watch a couple more on our youtube.

Full archive of past Coffee Clubs is available to all Member Companies.