Callisto Grand’s Hall of Excellence

The Credit and Order to Cash represent a vital pillar in any company’s structure safeguarding one of their biggest assets: Accounts Receivable.

At Callisto Grand we recognize this fact and think it is also vital to celebrate YOU working in Credit and Order to Cash. For this reason every year we hold a big Awards Gala at our annual conference, Credit Matters. All attending companies and partners are free to nominate in every category covering every aspect of AR and O2C.



Want to see who won and in which category in the previous years? Relive your past wins?

Then scroll down!

To watch the video versions on our YouTube, click HERE 🙂


Credit Matters XII, 2023 Kraków

Credit Matters XI, 2022 Budapest

Credit Matters X, 2021 Praha

Credit Matters VIII, 2019 Brno

Credit Matters VII, 2018 Budapest

Credit Matters VI, 2017 Kraków

Credit Matters V, 2016 Kraków