The Callisto Grand Credit Clinic

The Callisto Grand Credit Clinic

Join our Global Credit / Order2Cash Experts and Partners in a Series of Roundtable Discussions – Diagnosing and Treating Your Order-to-Cash Challenges!

Are your financial processes feeling under the weather? The Credit Clinic is here to aid you, diagnose, and treat your order-to-cash ailments! In collaboration with our esteemed Partners we invite you to join our online event series dedicated to enhancing your cash flow’s health.

Register for our Credit Clinic sessions and gain invaluable insights from industry-leading experts.
Together, we’ll prescribe the best remedies for a robust and reliable credit management strategy.

Remember, just like in every medical matter, early detection and intervention are key to ensuring a healthy financial future.
Let’s challenge the norms and discuss how to build a strong and sustainable order-to-cash process!

We meet monthly for a regular 60 minute check-ups.

We look forward to seeing you online at the next Credit Clinic. Follow us on LinkedIn for more information.

Give it a try!

Watch a recording of one our past sessions with Eefje Van Craen from Moody’s. You can watch a couple more on our youtube.

Full archive of past Credit Clinics is available to all Member Companies.